rachel (crunknwj) wrote in khlims,

Bye Post

Comment to this post if you choose to skip the challenge this week. If you don't comment to THIS post, your bye will not be counted. Please comment to this post with the following:

Challenge # you want to skip:
Reason: (just so that I know)

You must comment to this post PRIOR to the voting for the week (meaning, you need to let me know by that Friday), or you will be disqualified.

Each participant is only allowed ONE "BYE" throughout the entire contest.

IF YOU PIMP IN YOUR JOURNAL AND LEAVE THE LINK HERE (before the challenge starts), I WILL GIVE YOU AN EXTRA "BYE." MEANING YOU CAN SKIP TWO CHALLENGES. (Note: Please leave the link here and not anywhere else.) You have until October 20th to do this!!!

BYES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE LAST 5 ROUNDS! (Otherwise it defeats the purpose of finding out who the best icon maker is.)

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