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// intro \\

Welcome to khlims, an icon challenge community! This community will determine who is the icon maker of all icon makers in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Pictures, screen caps, or themes of the Kingdom Hearts series will be provide each week, in which contestants will enter an icon. We'll then vote off members each week till there is one icon maker left (hense LIMS=last icon maker standing). Anyone can participate whether they're beginer or advanced.

This community is inspired by ultimate_lims.

// rules \\

01. SIGN UP HERE. You have until Friday, October 20th (the night the first challenge ends) to sign up. In the subject line, please put "sea salt ice cream" so that I know you read the rules.

02. Once you sign up, click on the "JOIN THE COMMUNITY" link at the top of the user info page. If you're not added right away, don't panic. I'll try to do add's a few times a day (as much as my schedule allows). So please don't email me asking why you're not added to the list as soon as you sign up. You may friend the community at anytime. You also don't have to sign up for the contest to watch the community. None of the posts will be locked, but this allows me to add people who have actually signed up for the contest and keep everything organized. Don't worry, if you sign up and follow the rule above, you'll be added.

03. The first challenge will go up Sunday, October 15th. You will then have till the following FRIDAY to make & submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up & entered by the time the fist voting poll goes up, you will not be able to participate. Additionally you must enter every challenge until you are voted off. If you miss a challenge or break a rule, you will be disqualified.

04. Each week you will be provided with a different image. That image is the only image you are allowed to use. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed unless otherwise noted. Any images from the three Kingdom Hearts games and the Kingdom Hearts Comic Book will be used. WARNING: THERE COULD BE SPOILERS IN THE POSTS!!! BE FORWARNED!!!. If there is a huge spoiler, I'll make sure you know ahead of time.

05. Challenges will run from SUNDAY to FRIDAY. Voting will run from FRIDAY to SUNDAY. That is with the exception of the first challenge. The first challenge will run FRIDAY to FRIDAY, so that those joining late may have a few extra days to get their icons in.

// v o t i n g \\

01. On Friday, I will post the voting for that week. However, instead of voting for your favorite(s) icon, you will be voting for your least favorite icon(s)! You are voting someone OUT of the COMPETITION.

02. When voting, you will answer the poll with the number of icon(s) that I tell you to that you feel are of less quality. You'll be given a section to say why you've voted for that icon. You'll also be able to vote for your one favorite icon. The person with the most votes for the favorite icon will be given an "HP Ball", meaning that they cannot be voted off in the next week. *Note: you cannot win this two weeks in a row, this way others have a chance. If the same person wins two weeks in a row, then the mod's choice will win the HP Ball.* There will be a mod's choice in order to showcase the icon that I enjoyed the most.

03. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes will be disqualified from the contest.

// d i s q u a l i f i c a t i o n \\

01. If you miss a challenge, you will be disqualified. However, everyone will be allowed ONE bye-week, meaning you can choose to sit out on that challenge and still continue the competition. If you choose to do so, comment to THIS post. If you miss a challenge without posting to that entry, you will be disqualified.

02. If you would like an extra "bye", pimp in your journal or community and leave the link here, then you can get another one! You have until October 20th to do this.

03. All entries must remain anonymous! This means you cannot post your icon anywhere until after voting is over for that challenge. If I see it anywhere before then, you will be disqualified. Your entry will be screened till voting for that challenge is over.

04. If you are going out of town at any point during the contest, and you have no "byes" left, please let me know in this post and we'll talk. I'm generally a nice person, so I will probably let it slide, but I don't want people taking advantage of this. I understand that the contest will be starting close to summer so un-expected vacations may happen, but I don't want it happening every week.

// a f f i l i a t e s \\

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